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windows 7 was totally my idea. [Part: I]

I’ve been using windows since I started using computers. I had never worked on other platform/ operating systems. But we are so familiar with windows and I know there’re hundreds of thousands or may I dare say millions of people who are with me and share the same opinion.
But do I have a choice?
Of course there had been many features missing or there had been lots of things that could have been presented in a better way. Well, I had an idea and microsoft listened! Windows 7 was totally my idea! (& so was many of us) check the following video for the proof 😛

And the here’s the one I relate to. I’m currently building home network setup. and windows 7 definitely gonna help here.
Oh yeah! I’m a PC & windows 7 was my idea!
PS: Part: II coming soon about the details of windows 7 and things I liked.

IE get it now.

To begin the ‘download-review articles’ series. I have decided to start off with simple and most essential download.

I learned the 30% of visitors come to my sites are still using 6.0 version of IE. That means half of those who use Microsoft Internet explorer use the earlier (and obsolete) version of IE. I see no point in sticking with the browser which is 6 years (?) stale.

The new browser (oh even IE 7 is considered to be old now… 🙂 ) IE 7,  has lot of more additions; it is mo secure & faster & has many new features that MS IE browser was missing earlier.
Features such as: tab browsing and search slot at the top right side were lacking. Something Microsoft borrowed from opera and Mozilla firefox browsers.
I recommend everyone who use IE 6.0 or those who use windows XP and haven’t upgraded their browsers to upgrade it to IE 7. You can also do it by tuning Windows automatic udates ON.

I want to talk about some of the best and unique features that IE 7 version has which I think other browsers lacking.
1.] Feed reader allows you to read the content offline and at your leisure time. Although its broadband / DSL internet connection almost everywhere now and you rarely find dialup these days. ( I use dialup by the way) it comes very handy even if you have dedicated /always on internet connection. I think opera browser has this feature since ages. but firefox doesnt have this one.
2.] Costomised search slots.
Yes, ironically I heard Firefox is (most?) open source browser and you can do whatever you want to with it, but I see lot of feature “easy to usein IE.
For example I could add my favourite costomised search engine
scour.com to IE but not in Firefox. Heck! I can een hae Okut Seach using IE 7 without Google toolba  You can add itually any search engine from any site.
isn’t it cool?
So what are you waiting for? Get it now! It’s absolutely free!

Some disadvantages, I must mention: It’s available only for Windows XP SP 2 or higher versions of operating systems.
It still doesnt include spell check.
& lastly it doen’t stores the text if the application crashes. (which is a serious problem I think)
And application crashes quite often, btw!! 😉
But overall, I recommend this browser as it’s in-built; no hassle; comes free with Windows Vista & available free on automatic updates on Windows XP.