Deheradun Express burns near Gholvad Dahanu Station

19019 Mumbai Bandra Terminus Deheradun Expres caught fire between Dahanu and Gholvad railway stations of western railway. The train was scheduled to halt at Dahanu Road on 2:17am in the morning.
I live in Gholvad, so I could get first hand information. I got up early in morning at 4:30 due to police siren. This is very unusual for small and calm village. I thought of police chase, but later came to know about the accident (the siren must be of ambulance). Three boogies caught fire, the train came to halt promptly, thanks to gateman’s on level-crossing between Dahanu & Gholvad who quickly reported this to driver.
All national news channels on TV are covering this incident. They should better know.
I may update this post, as I get more first hand information. Still, watch TV for latest news.

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