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[Note: No GMAT prep content inside this article.]
It’s been pending since months. & I wanted to write GMAT blog blues since so long….
I know I know I am posting article here after more than six months.

I took a look at my blog & thought to edit it a bit. It was long overdue. There are some changed links, broken links & some new links addition to “in search of great GMAT links” article…
Also I am thinking of changing the tag name of “Editor’s choice” to “Best of the best” or “cream de la cream” this tag will be more appealing I guess. Or maybe I’ll add just another tag instead of removing the earlier tag.

In site tracking widget, I have removed I used it for almost 18 months. Mean time I also used But somehow I dont find all features in one widget. (Perhaps that’s why I kept two tracking counters simultaneously for some time.) & juggling two counters is really bad option. Finally I am back to my good old
It was the first counter I installed on my blog & to my suprised they still have kept that data when I signed in after 18 months. Now one week passed since I installed widget & it crossed 2500 mark. Funny thing is my total page views in 2006 were less than my last seven days traffic!
hahaha that means: last seven months in 2006=same traffic= last seven days.

There are some more updates in blogging front. I have set up one more blog, which I will be use as a daily (?) journal, a diary & downloads recommendations & review of the software.

Coming back to GMAT & MBA thingie. Let me tell you: there are two great articles about GMAT, which are pending & are stored in draft version to be published.
One is about Book Reviews & recommendation
& another one is Forums review.

The former one is obvious & I have been thinking of writing an exclusive article of GMAT materials (especially books) since quite some time.
About the latter, I always wanted to write a detail review about all GMAT related online forums available.
& I wanted to post it before this news. As I want it to be totally unbiased.

See you soon guys.
Stay tuned.

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