chew the *ucking gum

You are at the railway station.
Train has not arrived yet. &
you have a lot of time to eat. So, you go to shop and buy a b88mer bubblegum. You take out your Johnny Cage -RayBan’s goggle from your denim shirt’s pocket and place it on.
Now look at this: Macho dude’s arrived.
cigerette aint make statement anymore. People hate smokers these days.
This chewing gum is ON, man!

You wear dark black goggle and think you look like a dude.
Train comes. You get into the train, chewing the gum. You, of course remove that goggle. You still have that chewing gum in your mouth.
Journey is long and chewing gum is a great ‘timepass’.
You dont realise how arrogant you look chewing that fucking gum. You cant hear peoples voices. You have your ipod plugged in the ears too. So you dont bother & you dont care.
But still its people whom you want to impress. You start experimenting with your gum.
You blow a nice big bubble.
Yeah! now we are talking.
People are looking at you, some wtih just a plain stare, some with disgust. You blow it once again. You become unignorable now. You dont realise that the smell of that mint is all over the compartment. Now people actually are looking at you.
thats it man this is all i wanted.
i wish i could wear my gocxy too but i dont want to be look like a blind.
Within five minutes, all mint is lost.
By ten minutes, you lose all interest in chewing it. it’s 15 minutes and you feel like vomiting.
You just want to throw away the fucking gum now.
And now for the first time you realise that you dont have enough space to move in the train, let alone go an spit through the nearby window.
Had it been some rapper of some chocolate i could have asked this guy to throw it for me. But NO.
…cant just hand it over to somebody.
It’s a chewing gum dammit! You cant keep it in your own hand too; as, ermm, well, you know why.
You are stuck. you are trapped.
You have no other option but to chew the gum for all the time you have in the train.
People are no longer looking at you. You also dont feel like impressing people anymore; nor you have any interest left in attracting other fellos in the compartment. Never especially if you are chewing a dirty cheap bubble gum, for last forty minutes.
Now you determined with ‘dont-quit’ attitude. & to make things interesting you make a bubble. A BEEEEEEG one.
wow! that was never been such a big.
In fact you never had such a big bubble.
How much is it?
2inch? 3inch?
i cant say man it’s nose that comes in between.
wh0a! its such a big… i cant take it anymore.
You want to blow it off. But it doesnt. You want it to get punctured. But it simply doesnt. In fact it goes on and on. You taking it in; breathing in.
Oh! thats a strat; take the inside air of bubble in your mouth.
Ok. Bubble is shrinking. But you just cant take it in. There’s no oxygen, you sucker. People are looking at you with disgust. & now you know what is choking.
You know now theres only one the ultimate solution to this.
Just blow it off. Blow it till it goes off. I know its the worst option, especially in public. i know its awlful but it works. It’s the ultimate solution.
i am out of breath …have to take breath from nose and blow the fucking gum. i know it sometimes sticks to your chin, your nose as it breaks; its risky but i have to do it.
You let it blow as big as you could till it blasts. and finally it busted.
Huuuushh thangodd?? ohmygawd!!

What the hell just happened? You took a big breath in order to blow it off. And bubble sticks to your nose (yes, even before it broke). You blew it off and worse is yet to come. As the bubble sticks to your nose, you go out of breath. (again?). Desperately you want to take your gum in hand now. Your desired station is far away. You dont want to take that sticky chewing gum in your hand; because you know why!
You manage to take your bubble gum back in your mouth but not all, some part of it sticked on to your chin and some to your nostrils. You had to remove that sticky gum on your nose by your own hands obviously. and  yes people witness whole episode.
You are perplexed. You dont know what to do. The little part of gum is in your hand. You cannot throw is away since window is far out of your reach. You cannot take it in because of obvious reasons. So you just keep it in your hand, safely hiding. You have lil bit of chewing gum in one hand and i-pod in other. You take every precaution to not to touch your hands to each other.
You dont get in a more mess by sticking the gum to your i-pod!
You still have that chewing gum in your mouth. But you dont care it much, since your all attention now has shifted to the small part of gum that is in your hand. Incidentally you learned that people know that it’s in your hand. so you stop rubbing it.
wow! how it turned dark grey?
After some time luckily you get the seat to sit. But window is still far away. Away from your reach.
OK. Now all I want is some good nap for an hour or so.
Yes, I deserve it!
You remove the headphone put your i-pod in the bag. You do everything with just one hand. You need to get rid of that gum in your hand so as to sleep peacefully.
I never place it on coach. I am not that nasty afterall. and not in front of public at least. I wont.
But you have to get rid out of it.
You cleverly bend down to sort your shoe laces. you have already removed shoes and socks but you still do some lace work. You slyly put that gum in between the first two fingers of your foot.
You do some hair work with smile on your face. You place your hands folded cross on your laps and put head on it for sleeeeeeep
Peace for you; peace for passengers too!!
When you got up from your sleep, some station has just been passing. You afraid whether it was your station. After some peeping through window you realise that you got up right on time. The next station is yours.
After hundred minutes of healthy sleep you wish to wash your face, your head. But your have no time. You are in hurry. You have no time even to socksup or lace up. You get your bag; ensure that i-pod is still in the bag. You have to rush; you ask your neighbours to make way. You hurriedly wear shoes and put your laces inside it too.
dont have time, man!
The gum is still in your mouth. NO. DONT ASSUME the THINGS! (?)
And fortunately (or unfortunately), you are not dumb enough to ignore or forget the other part of that gum, which you secretly-yet-smartly placed in your foot fingers. So you DID check your fingers and you were pleased to see that grey gum is not there…
lost in those dreamy hundred minutes.
You put your foot, along with your socks and laces in the shoes and head for the door. You come out of train like a winner. You just thank god that you woke up just in time.
After all I find myself quite lucky.
The moment you thought that, you realise that chewing gum hs sticked in your teeth!!
It cant be. Its just impossible. I have done PhD in fucking chewing gum and I know chewing gum never sticks in your own mouth…
Unless you are not chewing it for like 100 minutes and still keeping it in month? Unless you are out of stimulating wet tounge; you are out of saliva; you have arid glands. And by the way, you never had a bubble gum in your mouth more than two hours! Ever! So whatever you observe now, it’s totally new for you.
OK. you are quite angry and nervous and that made your heartbeats high; you work out your ^stimulation^ and manage to chew that rubber under control.
You are coming back to home-in your alley-walking down the street-wearing the ‘ray ban’ gocxy-a bag in one hand, keychain in other, plugged in ear ‘ipod’
what else do you need to make a statement?
or lets rephrase it:
what else do you need for that attitude?
the fucking chewing gum.
Yes. And you still have that in mouth. So why bother to throw it now. it served you well.
Although its not worth posting on my green walled bill-board. I’ll not just throw it away. It got to be cherished.
What do you say?

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