Disturbed by spam SMS? Use ‘smsBlocker’ mobile app.

Pune based mobile application development firm Optinno Mobitech Pvt.  Ltd today announced the launch of a unique mobile application ‘smsBlocker’. True to its  name, it is an innovative mobile application that can be a savior for millions of cellphone  users who are frustrated due to incessant spam SMS. smsBlocker gives you the options to  block unwanted SMS with various filter levels. What is most interesting and unique is  smsBlocker’s ability to automatically block the cunning spam SMS. So you just  need to install and set smsBlocker in your mobile and that’s it! smsBlocker works so well that  looking at the Block logs will surprise you with its amazing efficiency and intelligence.
Announcing the launch, Mr. Sagar Bedmutha, Founder and CEO, Optinno Mobitech  Pvt. Ltd. said, “smsBlocker effectively empowers you and gives you full control on what SMS  you receive. There are sincere efforts taken by the telecom regulators. However, mobile  spammers always find ways to bypass the regulations. That is the reason why you receive  scores of unsolicited SMS.  This is where smsBlocker comes into play. We are certain that  now the mobile users need not get annoyed and disturbed by spam. We take pride in  presenting this ‘first-of- its-kind’, full-proof, innovative mobile application to our valued  customers today.”
In terms of features and at a one time price of just Rs. 99 (USD 2.00), smsBlocker  scores much above than other spam blocking options like operator’s filter services, other  paid applications.  The application is currently developed targeting Nokia phones and can be used on all  Symbian S60 devices.
More information, online purchase options and a FREE Trial version  are available on www.smsBlocker.in
NB: As a launch offer, this application is available absolutely FREE till 28-06-2010.

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