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I haven’t updated myself…have not written a diary since long. I stopped purchasing economic times. The business today comes every couple of weeks & I haven’t taken it out from the envelope. I don’t read newspapers & I don’t watch TV news channels anymore.
So what do I do. Do I blog?
I have more than three blogs in my name and also planning to add couple of more.
So am I a blogger? The answer is NO. I don’t blog regularly. Oh! And look at this: I have stopped orkutting.
Man! This is impossible to achieve!!
How did you do that? You must have been through a helluva depression or a great euphoria. Tell me.
I lost all interest in the things that I liked most earlier. Why? Whats the change for?
I think I lacked motivation lately.
But not anymore. Today I am back and decided to take charge of my life again!
Doesn’t mean that I am going to start orkutting heavily again…
That’s the last thing I would do now! I am out of that addiction and that orkutting-mania & I am happy for that.
So what is the bigger addiction I have subscribed?
Yes. I must admit; it’s a bigger addiction.
An addicted blogger doesn’t have to be (in my definition) a person who writes and posts blogs on his website. He could be anybody, even like me, who just love to read peoples blogs.
Reading blogs is my new found passion. I think I have mentioned it earlier somewhere…
But it doesn’t matter as long as you stop reading my blogs.
Do you really read my blogs anyway?

3 thoughts on “get up & start moving

  1. Johnny Bravo

    Why say you’re desperate on your home page. Suggest you replace that and say you’re just looking for someone instead. Desperate = you won’t get anybody. Delete this comment as well. Best. JB.


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