windows 7 was totally my idea. [Part: I]

I’ve been using windows since I started using computers. I had never worked on other platform/ operating systems. But we are so familiar with windows and I know there’re hundreds of thousands or may I dare say millions of people who are with me and share the same opinion.
But do I have a choice?
Of course there had been many features missing or there had been lots of things that could have been presented in a better way. Well, I had an idea and microsoft listened! Windows 7 was totally my idea! (& so was many of us) check the following video for the proof 😛

And the here’s the one I relate to. I’m currently building home network setup. and windows 7 definitely gonna help here.
Oh yeah! I’m a PC & windows 7 was my idea!
PS: Part: II coming soon about the details of windows 7 and things I liked.

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