You know, what grinds my gears?

Do you know, what really grinds my gears? 58876264 Mosquitoes!
Yes, those little suckers are deadly. In fact they are the most lethal species, deadlier than shark, lions, or any other animal for that matter. In fact all animals combined would not match the harm that mosquitoes make.

Check this video /infographic /or should I call it videographics? (ah, new term!!). The video lists most lethal animals who are responsible for human deaths. I was waiting for the twist & the surprise; and I got one. I thought, humans kill most humans (murders and accidents), obviously. And I thought, they would miss including the humans in the list of animals. But I was stunned at the end.

Mosquitoes are dangerous; and I want to get rid of those. Ah! who doesn’t want to get rid of them? All of us, right? Except you might not know what mosquitoes are if you are living in colder regions of developed countries.

I hope you all remember, Mr. Bill Gates opening the jar of mosquitoes in TED talks.  Well, that did the trick, I think. Many labs are working on mosquito borne diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Chikunguniya

There are experiments that could prevent mosquitoes to reproduce, but what are the consequences of eradicating the entire species is unknown and dangerous.

Secret Book

I tweeted about it and viola, mission fulfilled within a week.

So the law of attraction from the secret book really works, huh?

Here we go (& will not come)

Here Maps will no longer be available on Windows 10 mobile phones. Starting from 30 June 2016 the mapping & navigation software from Nokia will be discontinued on Windows 10 mobile devices. If you happen to have updated here maps app on windowsphone 8.1 you would receive this message.
Thank me, hopefully it wont affect as I would still have WP8.1 since earlier Lumia Phones are not eligible for Windows 10 upgrade.

Evolution of entrepreneurship [Part-0]

The series of articles talking about the later phases of entrepreneurship. The unusual path that doesn’t lead to be VC or angle investor (well, most of the successful entrepreneurs later become angels).

I’ll come back and add links to the blogposts I’m intended to publish over the time. I’d hopefully write 3 articles about evolution of an entrepreneur (after starting up and labelling yourself an entrepreneur, what next?), or the style of advanced entrepreneurship.

What do you want me to cover in following series? Write in the comment section below. Although they’re going to be ‘run of the mills’ types of post, I’d take your suggestions and cover those topics as well.

Come back for links

Part I:

Part II:

Part III: