Microsoft invites to Azure Vidyapeeth

Today, in my inbox, I got an invitation to the webinar series called “Azure Vidyapeeth”

The webinar series comprises of 15 session starting from today till the end of the month April 2015. …Nothing fancy here, just introduction and demo of Azure product features. But what caught my eyes is the name they given to the series, Azure Vidyapeeth.
If you’re interested in learning this Microsoft Cloud computing/hosting technology? Go ahead and register there for free!

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Man disappearing in mist

I’m going to waste your internet bandwidth, so here you go! Watch me disappear into thin air. Oh! and by the way the footage is licenced under Creative Commons-3.0 Attribution. (meaning you can use it in your projects)

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It’s a spam box. They’re full of bank, insurance, dth, mobile- voice/data, service junk messages, anyways! For messages from my near-dear ones, you’ve WhatsApp or hike (or whatever).

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New header, that says I heart WindowsPhone! So cool! I found it on Tendulkar’s blog I liked it, so I immediately downloaded (stole from his blog?) to apply it here.

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