Secret Book

I tweeted about it and viola, mission fulfilled within a week.

So the law of attraction from the secret book really works, huh?

Here we go (& will not come)

Here Maps will no longer be available on Windows 10 mobile phones. Starting from 30 June 2016 the mapping & navigation software from Nokia will be discontinued on Windows 10 mobile devices. If you happen to have updated here maps app on windowsphone 8.1 you would receive this message.
Thank me, hopefully it wont affect as I would still have WP8.1 since earlier Lumia Phones are not eligible for Windows 10 upgrade.

Evolution of entrepreneurship [Part-0]

The series of articles talking about the later phases of entrepreneurship. The unusual path that doesn’t lead to be VC or angle investor (well, most of the successful entrepreneurs later become angels).

I’ll come back and add links to the blogposts I’m intended to publish over the time. I’d hopefully write 3 articles about evolution of an entrepreneur (after starting up and labelling yourself an entrepreneur, what next?), or the style of advanced entrepreneurship.

What do you want me to cover in following series? Write in the comment section below. Although they’re going to be ‘run of the mills’ types of post, I’d take your suggestions and cover those topics as well.

Come back for links

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Sliders don’t convert

Sliders, image rotator, slideshow, carasoule (spell check: carousel 😉 ) or whatever you’re calling it, all look cool & make some fancy magic using JavaScript but sadly don’t convert.

Yes, sad but true. It’s bit tough to absorb but you can a/b test to draw your own conclusions; I’m sure numbers would convince you better. Or take a look at reliable source. Microsoft, Windows, Abode and many large/popular websites used to keep sliders on front page. Now they don’t.
Not only it’s bad for SEO, it’s not good for UX as well. Adds extra js files for ‘animation/lively effects’. Sliders are big distraction. Takes 75% of front page real estate. Confuses users as to where to go next (to choose user flow).

Now I know that our front page (of the business site ) has a slider; and that is why I’m writing this post. I’m in process of building new site for biz & it was tough decision to discard sliders, but yes, most likely I’m not going to have it for new site.