WPMU Dev testimonial

The cool guys at WPMU Dev run testimonial contest. They asked the members to submit 30 seconds or shorter video about their services. I’m very much impressed with what offer so I jumped in!

Here we go!

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I’m tempting to give ** 2-stars to Google Play Book. C’mon I expect more from Google! Can’t open my ‘on device’ files. I have to upload them on Google Play Book library & download again to read it.

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Dear Microsoft, please bring back @Office Picture Manager to @Office365 & 2013 (the current versions). You’ve no idea how much we miss it! :(

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Joining hands with IIC

Joining hands with Internet Infrastructure Coalition.


Internet Infrastructure Coalition

This week I attended WHD.India where I got opportunity to talk to David Snead of I2Coalition, the public interest body for the internet and its culture. I learned that something similar to I2Coalition is coming to India & I’m looking forward to be part of it.

The current website has these banners that you can use to help spread the word and promote the effort.

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