Martech consultant for hire!

I’m a webmaster and a founder of a digital agency called Awesome Online Networks. I have juggled many roles and learned few skills. Get in touch (use booking app below) to hire me as an independent consultant for following fields of work:

Startup Advisory

  • Go-to-market strategy. & Product-Market Fit iterations.
  • Business Plan Assistance: Revenue modeling, budgeting, and competition analysis

Market Research

  • Pre-Product launch surveys & feedback collection.
  • Industry insights, trend analysis, and competitive research

Digital Marketing

  • Comprehensive website Audits. Optimization for UI/UX, enhancing customer journey.
  • Advanced traffic tracking and analysis. Google Analytics optimisation.
  • Ads Strategy: paid search, PPC & contextual campaigns, conversion optimisation and harnessing Display & Video Ads with RTB & Re-targeting

Server & Cloud services

  • Tailored solution for web server setup/migration on shared, VPS, dedicated, bare-metal, on-prem, cloud, container environment.
  • Expert Cloud consulting for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure etc. including serverless architecture.